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Seymchan Meteorite Pendants with Widmanstätten Patterns


These rare meteorites are framed in sterling silver with open backs to be able to fully appreciate the unique Widmanstätten patterns found on either side. 45 cm sterling box chains.
The 4.5 billion year Seymchan meteorite is a rare discovery, originally found in 1967 near the town of its namesake, Seymchan in far East Russia. Iron meteories such as this slice are believed to originate in the cores of asteroids. It is worthy to note that this specimen has an interesting, seldom seen feature of iron meteorites. The etched patterns, called a Widmanstätten pattern is caused by the shearing of the meteorite as it broke up during atmospheric entry, which are figures of long nickel–iron crystals, Each side of the slice will show a different pattern. This presence of the pattern serves as testimony of the violent experience a meteor is subject to as it falls through the atmosphere. Widmanstätten patterns are only found in meteorites, not in any naturally forming rocks on Earth's surface.

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